Live Appearances.. Meet the TLR Team!


May 18: D&D Live 2019: The Descent




MAY 18: 11-12:30pm PST

DM Jazzy Hands will be participating in D&D Live 2019: The Descent. His game will be from 11-12:30pm PT on May 18; streaming website TBD

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August 1-4: GenCon




August 1-4

DM Jazzy Hands and Story Consultant Robert Hupf will be attending Gencon in Indianapolis

Come find us to say hi and maybe get some swag (no promises, though!)

Web Appearances

DM Jazzy Hands Appearances:

DM Jazzy Hands’ Dragon Talk Interview:

DM Jazzy Hands on shot Trece Albas, May 4, 4-7pm ET on

LIVE, Mondays 8-11pm ET Beginning June 10: DM Jazzy Hands on the Variant Roles Channel:

LIVE, Fridays 2-5pm ET Beginning May 10: DM Jazzy Hands on the Encounter Roleplay Channel:

LIVE, Mondays 1-4pm ET Beginning June 3: DM Jazzy Hands on the The Greyhawk Channel:

LIVE, Sundays 6-9pm ET Beginning May 12: DM Jazzy Hands on the CrituitousRP Channel:

DM Jazzy Hands as the DM for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist with Variant Roles: Variant Roles

DM Jazzy Hands as Tirimo Qantila on Wheels of War with Encounter Roleplay: Wheels of War

DM Jazzy Hands Tabletop Voices Interview with James Introcaso of the Don’t Split the Podcast Network: Tabletop Voices Podcast

Bria Appearances:

Bria (Taryn) Playing Thinnea in TPK Games’ The Campaign (6 Episodes)

Flik Appearances:

Flik on Riverdish Discussing D&D: Riverdish Podcast