Live Appearances.. Meet the TLR Team!


March 28-31 2019: PAX East (Boston, MA)




DM Jazzy Hands and Flik will be attending PAX East in Boston, MA from March 28-31, 2019.

SPECIAL NOTE: DM Jazzy Hands will be giving a panel at 10am on Friday in the Bumblebee Theatre titled “Am I Playing a Role: Identity Exploration in RPGs.”

Come find us and say hi! Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll have some swag on us that we'll be giving out (no promises, though). 

Web Appearances

DM Jazzy Hands Appearances:

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Bria Appearances:

Bria (Taryn) Playing Thinnea in TPK Games’ The Campaign (6 Episodes)

Flik Appearances:

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