Fan Art! 

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Lets Go Fight Some Orcs

Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

It’s five o’clock somewhere…but not here!

Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

Flik and Ollie by @oceanfyre

…But it’s a plus 1 dagger

Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

Kit as a Flying Direwolf

By Henry

Zagara the Moss Lurker, mounted on his mighty Owlbear steed

Mixed media, mostly saltdough & acrylics by @goublegecker

some people aren't boys or girls, some people are ancient metal starfish entities with 5 faces and 5 unique manners of speaking” by @goublegecker

An orc stenographer by @goublegecker

Kit by Naomi

…. I don’t even know what that means

Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

The wrangling of the elephant for the trials of leadership by @goublegecker

Zagara and Owlbear

By Henry

This thing is easily 30 feet tall

Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

Tomfoolery :) Art by the amazing @NatRoze.

Spider Kit giving Bria a Twinkie- by @ oceanfyre

Spider Kit giving Bria a Twinkie- by @oceanfyre