People/ Services We Love

The TLR Team is all about the amazing D&D community! Check out a few of our favorite services and people that we highly recommend:


D&D Beyond

You’ve heard DM Jazzy Hands say it a million times: D&D Beyond is “generally amazing in every way possible”. Create characters with just a few clicks, LEVEL characters with the same amount of clicks, track magic items (some custom ones from our game included) and so.much.more. And, the basics are totally free. Check them out and let them know we sent you on Twitter!

DM’S Guild

The DM’s Guild is an incredible resource for home brewed content (including some original content from our own DM Jazzy Hands)

Use this affiliate link to support TLR while shopping at the DMs Guild:

Nat Roze

It’s no secret how much we love Nat’s work. Check out more of their amazing work and join them on Patreon as a thank you for all of the incredible TLR artwork!



If you haven’t been turned on to Wyrmwood supplies yet, now is the time! Beautifully crafted wood dice towers, trays, etc. There’s no better way to convince your dice to roll nicely than by giving them a Wyrmwood product to live in